Lets Get The World Talking Together, Every Mind Matters.

Good morning peeps hope you are all good, if not drop me a comment and lets talk together.

ITV here in the UK have been running a campaign to get Britain talking, pausing television programs for a minute so you can talk to the person next to you, we all suffer with depression at sometime in our lives, or just need someone to have a conversation with, but some of us don’t have someone next to us to talk to, or maybe do not want to confide in those closest to us or are unable to.

Please feel free to drop a comment below, we can all talk to together, the good, the bad, the evil, whatever you have to say lets all talk together.

My Mental Health

  • Over the years, I have battled with depression on and off, from a variety of things.
  • Being a single parent at the age of 16 wondering how on earth I would cope would I be a good mum when i’m still a baby myself?
  • Also being a single mum throughout my adult years at different times.
  • Being in a violent abusive relationship for many years until i was strong enough to break free.
  • Being cheated on.
  • Being bullied, not just in my childhood but also my adulthood.
  • Being sexually abused not just once but 3 times by different people who were not connected.
  • Money worries.
  • Lifestyle worries (not being good enough for my kids or partners)
  • Being ill ( unable to do things for myself or go to work to help pay the bills).

This is just an example of my Mental Health, there are many more issues within my life, at the moment being on a weight loss journey can also be testing, iv had that biscuit i’v ruined my healthy food day, I may as well have the full packet, then feel very angry and disappointed at myself, currently I would say i’m in-between feelings, yesterday was very good, but by the evening I started to dwindle, this morning I am feeling great, but that doesn’t mean in an hour to two I may be feeling like crap. Take every minute every hour as it comes, live in the minute you are in.

Mental Health comes in many many different forms, what is very worrying for you may seem insignificant to others, but it is your worry so it is very real.

What the day holds for me I cant possibly say, but I do know that once iv wrote this blog, I will be going to the freezer to see what foods I plan to have for the day, baby steps all the way.

LETS GET THE WORLD TALKING, Even if you don’t want a reply its good to get it off your chest, write it all done in the comments box.

Ref: All images from google image search.

Wherever you are, what ever your doing smile even if its at yourself in the mirror, love who you are xoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    This is a strong post, one I’m sure most of us can identify with on some level. There’s a lot to deal with, and as you say, step by step, we can’t know how each day is going to be, but 1 biscuit doesn’t ruin a good day… at least I hope not… I’ve had three 🤣. Something that helped me was to realise holding on to stuff didn’t help me. I no longer feel angry or hurt about things, why should those who have been b**tards in my past, continue to ruin my present… but it took me decades to get to that point. Maybe counselling all those years ago might have helped, but my mum was worried social services would get involved. She didn’t want people to think she was a bad mother, strange as she always seemed to dislike me and threatened she would send me to a kids home! I wished she would sometimes. I literally couldn’t care less whether those arses are dead or alive. I am more than they could ever be. I so relate to the parenting bit, as a single mum, we worry about everything! And it’s so lonely at times. My thoughts are with you, minute by minute, day by day.


    1. I whole heartily agree with you, I think that the things in my past are what have made me what I am today, don’t get me wrong there a moments when I think, WTF but being able to cope with them is much easier, now when someone, somehow knocks me down, I just jump up even higher than I jumped last time or the time before, the purpose of my post was to leave it open so that if anyone feels they need to talk to someone or to just vent that can do so anonymously if they so wish, the post has had quite a few views, so I’m hoping that I can get the message across that is really is okay to NOT be OK., In our youth mental health was a very taboo subject, if fact I can honestly say I had never heard of it or depression I’m so glad the young people of today have so many sign posts and help for them.

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  2. jmarie1974 says:

    I’m certain your post will help 😊. And thank you for such a forthright and frank post. X

    Liked by 1 person

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