Diary update 01/04/20

Good evening all, hope your day has been as good as it can be.

Again another positive day, yay, we didn’t get around to wallpapering but hey it’s not going anywhere and neither are we.

Finally plugged in the Wii, I went from super advanced back down to beginner lol, felt as though I was going to pass out and only did 30 mins with breaks in between, I’m still in the higher bracket of pain but I cried through it, with laughter tears also, and lots of flopping onto the sofa haha, just hope it doesn’t land me in bed tomorrow, but im starting small and aiming high… yep i’ll let you know on that one haha.

Had a bit of a lie in if you can call it that, the night was disturbed again, I was sat up in bed at 4am paying my bills, as It was a tad painful lying down, usually I just move from one side to the other to get comfyish, but both were aching last night which is unusual for me, just couldn’t get comfy at all.

Breakfast was my usual fruit, yogurt and honey, and endless cups of black coffee.

Lunch I didn’t notice the time and that i hadn’t had any till it was 3.30pm by then a bit late as my tea would be soon, but i had been snacking on sugar free jelly pots that I made yesterday.

Tea/Dinner, was a simple greek style stew the recipe can be found here and as I hadn’t had any lunch I had enough calories to have some garlic bread with it.

Snacks which I will have later will probably be a hot chocolate with either fruit, yogurt or jelly

It’s now 8pm so I’m going to relax on the sofa with reruns of ghost whisperer and chill a little before bed, and not think about tomorrow as you all know my plans never go to plan,….

Wherever you are whatever your doing, stay safe, stay well and smile there’s always someone thinking about you somewhere.

One Comment Add yours

  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Well done on the exercises! Starting again is always the hardest bit for me 😆
    Wishing you a better night’s sleep tonight 🤞


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