Morning Chat

Hello peeps.

It’s a dull damp day outside this morning, im debating whether to do some washing and put it outside as it is supposed to get better as the day goes on, sorry im back now, should have made my coffee before I started chatting, very rude of me… anyways on with plans for the day……ummm…plans….

I feel as though iv had a good night, I only got up once that i can remember, but ouch my thighs they have muscles Id totally forgotten about, so im thinking I will try and plough through a few more mins on the Wii today.

Maybe wallpaper the bathroom im not sure im quite in the mood for the hard work ahead but im so eager to get the new accessories out, that one will be in a, we will see box.

Possibly make the little bolero to go with my granddaughters dress, I just can’t decided on which flowers I like to decorate the dress with, I wasn’t sure on the white on the skirt but my daughter likes it and everyone else so it’s staying, but im thinking I may have to make a pink one for her birthday to..

For now I am going to have another look through my motifs and see if I can make my mind up, good thing is iv still got 7 months to decide ha ha,

Have a day as good as you can and stay safe, I will chat random stuff to you later bye peeps xoxoxo

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  1. Astrid says:

    Have a good day. I understand all about feeling muscles that you didn’t even know you had.

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    1. You have a good day to, im busy stretching out my muscles ha ha

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