Growing Veggies in Tubs, No Greenhouse Needed, Very Easy.

Last year I began growing my own vegetables and herbs for the 1st time, it was so easy, and the difference in the taste between homegrown and shop brought is amazing… Also you only pick what you need for that day, so no waste compared to the supermarket pre packed that you buy, so it’s a total win win, the seeds that I brought vary from 5 packets for a £1 and 3 packets for a £1 now that is a bargain.

Last year I bought a few bags of compost which were about £3 each, this year I have used the same compost and also my own home grown compost, we found an old bin with a lid and placed all our veggie scraps in it, which over the months turned into a foul smelling liquid, yep it was truly awful, but the smell has almost gone now 3 weeks on, but Oh what a difference, the veggies are growing more quickly and so much more green, they are so bright and vibrant, I’m really looking forward to tasting them when they are grown.

Don’t have a greenhouse or garden no problem everything can be grown easily in tubs on your balcony or patio.

Potatoes are so easy to grow and yield year after year, have you got some potatoes in your cupboard that are starting to sprout? don’t throw them out, get a large container or bucket I first used an old toybox of my daughters, I put some compost/soil in about half way up then planted the sprouted potatoes, when you see the green sprouts starting to show add another layer of compost and so on until the tub is almost full.

For the carrots and spinach I would recommend splitting the seeds between 2 tubs and the spinach only use half and then when the 1st lot is about 2 inches tall plant the next half that way you have a plentiful supply.

Onions. I planted those in window tubs and had about 10 onions in each one, I haven’t tried growing them from sprouted ones yet, but I do have a few in the cupboard that im waiting to sprout and plant and I will let you know the outcome.

All the other seeds I just planted in tubs, and they grew wonderful last year.

If you don’t have a greenhouse to help with the heat fear not, what i’ve always done is cover the container in a couple of layers of cling film, it helps to keep off any early morning frost, and during the day when its warmer it keeps in the heat and adds moisture, as it heats up it creates little beads of ‘sweat’ which drop into the tub….

Growing without a garden or greenhouse is really really easy and you will get a great satisfaction from eating your own home grown veggies.

So it is really easy to grow your own food and so so much cheaper, have a go you will love it.

Have a great day everyone xoxoxo

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