Angry and Depressed Rant

Good Morning all.

I’m quite down at the moment, (personal reasons that have left me reeling), and have been scouring the internet for some motivation, I found a couple of quotes that relate to how Im feeling at the moment and I hope this brings some motivation into your lives.

Healthy eating has gone out of the window, I feel that I either don’t want to eat or that I need to comfort eat.

It would have been so easy to just reach for the chocolate or cake or biscuits, but I fought my demons and snacked on chili crackers, philadelphia light and breyers ice cream.

I think today is my anger day, as at 8.25am I had a charity bag put through the door, and it’s still there, I feel way too frightened to touch it, I looked out onto the street and the person delivering it was wearing gloves but no face mask, has he coughed or sneezed onto it before putting it through my letterbox?, at what point did he put on the gloves?, have the bags been stored somewhere where covid-19 was present?, maybe im being a bit to cautious, or over sensitive, is it because im not in my right frame of mind to be thinking ractionaly?. What I do know is that if I catch a cold that’s me losing another minimum of 6 weeks of my life, and its not something I want to risk.

You may think that my last statement is hypocritical, because Iv wrote on here that I have been out for walks and to the shops, but that is my choice and I taken every precaution that I can to protect myself from other people, I am happy to receive letters and parcels from the postman and other couriers that I know and that have contacted me to inform me of there safety guidelines, What I have not given consent to is anyone else delivering things that I have not asked for to be put through my door.

I think that is my rant for the day, and after writing this I do believe that I am at the angry stage of the incident that has torn my world, and being at the angry stage will allow me to finally deal and sort out what has happened once I calm down.

Please do go on to have a wonderful day, with lots of happiness xoxoxo

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