Hello on this beautiful day.

Good afternoon all.

How are you all?

The uk is experiencing some awesome weather at the moment, I cannot recall it being so warm here, it’s fantastic being sat in the garden, the only thing missing is a pool to go and cool down in.

I’d love to be down on the beach at the moment, but iv not had my test results back yet, and also I fear the beach may get a bit crowded, our beach is usually quite empty, but as I’m seeing on fb and the in news there have been an awful lot of tourists visiting Cumbria during this past couple of weeks, so I feel it’s just not worth the risk.

I’m getting back into my healthy eating habits today, well why I have some energy, but not to sure about exercise yet I’m not going to push it, for lunch I had a salad with a rainbow trout fillet, and for tea im going to make a warm seafood mix salad.

I’m going to sit here for another hour while I wait for the washing machine to finish, then pop for a shower and a nap before tea.

Please enjoy your day people and il chat to you soon xoxoxo

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