Summer holidays

Good evening from a very hot and sticky Zante, its 11.15pm and 29 degrees im melting ha ha.

We arrived at Manchester airport on Friday afternoon it was so quiet, very surreal and such a sad sight, non of the hassle and bustle you would expect from an international airport, the few workers we saw and the row of empty taxis, sat waiting in anticipation of customers, really brought home to me the extent of the damage this dam virus has done.

I felt so sad for them all, it was a happy time for me tinged with sadness for the workers.

The flight over was pretty good, very hot though, I had to change my mask 3 times due to sweating, the flight attendants were wonderful, reassuring the customers throughout the flight, and keeping us supplied with drinks in the heat, I can not fault jet2 at all from checking in to landing the customer service was 1st class.

Preparing for take off, as you can see I’m already hot lol

We arrived at lunch time and jumped in a taxi to our apartment, popped over to see some friends at the wonderful remezzo beach bar and had a little dip in the pool and I had the marvellous warm seafood salad for my lunch.

Oh how iv missed this…

On the way back I had a little dip in the warm sea, it was heaven, then said hello to a few more friends I think each friend took about half an hour to say hello haha.

Travelling to a foreign country during the panademic was a little nerve wracking, but the health protocols put in place make you feel very secure, the sadness is not receiving the usual hugs and kisses, but i can live with that.

Today I went for an early morning swim in the sea before breakfast, then spent the morning at the hotel pool resting, im quite sore and exhausted from travelling, but its lovely to get some heat in these old exhausted worn out bones.

I had a few hours in the room just relaxing, I didn’t sleep but was nice to relax somewhere else than my bedroom at home.

This evening we went to another of our favourite restaurants Gusto, i dont think we have an unfavorable here, the food as always was amazing, Neil and Jim had a stuffed calamari which was filled with sweet onions, mushrooms, peppers and feta cheese I had a lamb kleftico, for desert we had homemade orange cake and baklava so scrummy.

I need to stop writing now, for 2 reasons, 1 because I have to much to say and will keep rambling on and 2 the hotel bar is about to close, and I can’t get wifi in my room, one of the measures greece has put in place is that bars and restaurants close at midnight as with some people when you drink 2 much social distancing goes out if the window.

This is not a problem for me and many alike we respect the rules, but it is not good for business.

So I shall bid you all goodnight, please enjoy the rest of your day and take care xoxoxo

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