02/01/21 The Confession…..

Afternoon everyone.

Yesterday I set out my plans for today, begin my measuring and counting of calories again, after the festivities, Id wake up do a workout, plan out my food for the day, have a shower and begin the task of taking down the christmas decorations, Iv everything sorted in my head I know exactly what i am going to do, and take it each day at a time as to not overwhelm myself.

I took my nighttime medication at 8.30pm praying it wouldn’t take long to kick in, I could do with an early night, and I wanted to awake feeling as refreshed as possible.

At 3.30am I gave up and came downstairs after spending hours tossing and turning and constantly peeing all the time, what the heck is going on, have I become immune! to my meds?.

Sometimes they take half hour to work, sometimes a couple of hours but not this long..

I have a couple of cups of coffee and play on computer games hoping I will fall asleep (caffeine has no effect on me, due to my illness except makes me piddle more), and piddling iv done so much of that tonight.

Down to 2 cigarettes I had better head up to bed as im becoming rather stressed out here as to why I can not fall asleep, I climb back into bed at 7.15am put my head on the pillow and bang, the bin refuse collectors are outside, and as we know its impossible for them to be quiet, having to drag the bins and the engine of the waggon rumbling, I take one last look at the time and its now almost 7.50am, please let me go to sleep I just need sleeeeeppppppppppp.

Awoken by the loud banging on the front door, Neil rushes downstairs to see who it is, its the postwoman with a very large box, I’m not expecting anything large, so decide to get up as probably half the day is gone already now its only bloody 9.14am!!!!!!! Aaaahhhh, plus im curious as to what has been delivered.

I open the large box to find a small package inside, fuming about the amount of cardboard used (Im feeling a bit temperamental today)… Umm I wonder why? and being woken up, I give up and decide to stay up.

The bag was flat packed when it arrived, its now full of stuff which makes it look bigger, but really that size box?

Myself and Neil are having a conversation as to why my meds have not worked im growing increasingly frustrated my head is banging and my brain is as foggy as hell, my ears are ringing, oh well not much I can do about it, Neil heads off to make even more coffee….

The Confession

Neil sheepishly comes back into the living room, mumbling umm I know why you cant get to sleep, ohh Im awake now, why? I ask..

Ummm last night I gave you, your day time meds instead of your night time meds, well that explains a lot…I’ve taken a diuretic with lots of coffee…peeing explained… Blood pressure dropping meds, and a concoctions of other stimulants that don’t usually work but last night they bloody worked, and god knows what else, but what I would like to know is why do they not bloody work when they are suppose to…..( Neil sorts all my meds into my dosages for my various times of the day) he has a lot of groveling todo today haha, at least him and Lib had a laugh at my expense lol.

Well im going to stay up and not have a nap this afternoon, iv some washing that needs sorting and bedding that needs changing so I will keep myself occupied with that, and double check that I take the correct meds this evening haha.

I hope you have enjoyed having a giggle as much as I did it has been a great start to the new year so far haha.

Take care, stay safe and keep smiling chat soon xoxoxo

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