Good Morning 10/02/21

Good morning everyone wherever in the world you are.

It’s been a rather busy couple of days for a change, iv had so much going on without having to leave my home.

It was olivia’s birthday yesterday so the day started quite early with lockdown birthday cake and ice cream, then we ended up having another take away we had a chinese, but to be honest it wasn’t very good, our regular place has gone quite downhill, and I hardly ate anything im sure neil and olivia will finish it off today, I was rather ill last night eating junk food, but I knew what to expect and it was my choice to eat it.

So I need to be strict with myself for the next couple of days, but its not difficult anymore to do that, im thinking I may make a chicken casserole for tea, I need to make up some meals for my neighbour she is not having a good time at the moment, I think that is an understatement really, my heart pours out for her.. damm covid….

Please enjoy the rest of your day the best you can, stay safe and well and keep smiling, i’ll be back sometime later xoxoxo

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