Good Morning 10/02/21

Good morning everyone wherever in the world you are. It’s been a rather busy couple of days for a change, iv had so much going on without having to leave my home. It was olivia’s birthday yesterday so the day started quite early with lockdown birthday cake and ice cream, then we ended up having…

A tiring but productive day. 01/02/21

Hello everyone, Kalo Mina, welcome to the new month and the beginning of a brand new week. Today has got off to a really good start, I actually managed to get back to sleep this morning, and awoke just after 9am which is pretty good for me. I split my workout into 2 sections, as…

What happens in our house while im working out!!!…lol…

Good evening everyone, oh hello you, newcomer, welcome. This morning I paused for a second to look around the living room, Olivia is on one sofa in a deep trance watching and laughing at Tiktok videos on her phone, I glanced behind me to see Neil on the other sofa also in a deep trance…


What does life mean to you?


What does wealth mean to you?


What does love mean to you?


What does respect mean to you?

Happy Monday World

Have a wonderful day everyone, it’s a new day a new week, new challenges and new friendships to be made.

Positive New Week Quote.

It’s the start of another week. Another chance to fight the demons inside my body. I always jump back up, just sometimes its a little harder than the previous times, but I will keep going.

Good Morning

Good Morning my friends I wish you a day filled with happiness, keep going, stay strong YOU’VE got this…

Good Morning Quote

We are all in this together and together we can get through it xoxoxo

Tuesday Morning Quote

Good morning peeps I hope this finds you well rested and if not i pray you find the strength to carry on through the day xoxo

Sunday Chill

Good morning friends. Have a wonderful and chilled Sunday. Relax and spend time with family or friends. Catch up on that book you have been to busy to read. Have a duvet day. But most of all be happy and be happy to be alive, tomorrow is a new day. Xoxoxo. Image from Google.

Sunday Morning Quote

Good Morning my friends. I hope you have slept well and if not i wish you a restful day, for those of you ending your day i hope it was good and if not tomorrow is better xxx

Happy Saturday

Good Morning peeps. Whether you are just rising or your day is ending believe in yourself, you are capable of more than you think. Image from Google

Happy Monday Afternoon.

It’s now the afternoon and your possibly starting to wain, here’s a little sparkle to get you through those last few hours. whatever your doing wherever you are smile XOXO