Quick diary update

Good evening Peeps.

Hopefully by the end of next week (fingers crossed), il be updating more regularly again, but please don’t hold me to that, the 3rd set of christmas guests and 2nd set of grandchildren left on Thursday, and today the 3rd set of grandchildren arrived till Monday, along with what feels like the start of a cold tho it is creeping up on me pretty quick today.

I’ve not slept all week as my young grandson was very poorly and slept with me (no sleeping for me tho lol).

I have new recipes in my head, well I do when my head works.. I’m looking forward to trying them out and hopefully sharing them with you.

I’m looking forward to Monday and getting back in the kitchen ( cold permitting) and having no junk food in the house, any biscuits, crisps etc are going back with the grandkids, I seriously need to rethink my Christmas food shopping this year, iv brought far to much junk.

So for now I will say goodnight and chat to you soon.

Wherever you are whatever your doing smile xoxo

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