Easter Weekend Update Chat

Happy Easter weekend everyone, it’s fair to say I will not be counting calories this weekend, last easter I was so hard on myself for having a slice of cake and an easter egg, that I put myself on a downward spiral of guilt that was very hard to climb back out of, so I made the decision last week to eat what I like this weekend, with no guilt and work that little bit harder on my exercise next week oh and possibly the week after and the week after lol. This time last year I was very new to loosing weight and finding my feet and learning about different foods that I became so overwhelmed by it all and then believing that I had let myself and family down by breaking on easter sunday, that this year I am now more in control of my feelings and having a day off now and again for special events really isn’t going to me any harm, also I will not be weighing myself tomorrow, that will be done next week, it time off.

It is going to be strange waking up tomorrow not having a small child here to feed chocolate to for breakfast, I can’t remember the last time, if ever there, wasn’t a little person in my kitchen on easter morning, and me saying to them while the parents are having a lie in, what happens in Nanna Boats Kitchen stays in Nanna Boats Kitchen lol.

The other final roll of wallpaper arrived yesterday morning, so we promptly headed to the bathroom to finish it off, we didn’t bother to put up the pasting table as there was only 1.5 strips to put up, so neil carefully holds up the 1st strip to cut it and here comes sophie as fast as lightning flying through the air latching onto neils arm, slides down the sheet of wallpaper with claws out!!! grabs the wallpaper somehow and rolls herself around in it having the time of her life all in a matter of seconds haha, I was just sat on the loo wetting myself laughing as I had already seen her getting into prance stance at the top of the stairs, I just didn’t expect the destruction or speed ha ha.

So everything is now back in the bathroom, cabinets up, hooks up, new accessories out, now to start on the next room…. umm one day maybe..

Its taking me ages to write this, Olivia was bored yesterday so she put acrylics on me and that combined with watching BGT, is proving a bit of a feat, there’s been some good ones on for a change tonight, OMG are any of you in the UK watching it, dammmm that contortionist my legs were quivering and definitely not in a good way… and WoW the acrobatics from India just incredible, I loved both choirs but I do have a soft spot for a Gospel Choir,there really is some tough competition tonight I hope they don’t spoil it by putting on idiots on future, let the people who truly have a talent go through for a change.

Iv had a bit of lazy day today I think it’s fair to say, Iv made a start on the little bolero jacket I’m making to go with the dress i’ve almost made, I really cant decide on the ribbon, and whether to put a small flower or bow on the top of the dress, in the middle or whether I want it white or red, I just have to many to choose from, if I haven’t decided by Monday Im going to start on the pink dress, I have in mind the yolk style im going to use but that could change by then lol..

The fish dish I spoke about yesterday well that turned out a disaster, I guess only taking 10 mins leads to a disastrous dish.. But I will give it ago another time and Il pay more attention to it lol.

So thats my boring news, not much to say except a bit of a ramble, I hope you can all make the best of the weekend, not an ideal situation to be in, but think of all the celebrations you can have when were out of lockdown, I shall bid you all a goodnight and keep safe, stay well and Il chat again soon xoxoxo.

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