Transformation Tuesday!? A good workout.

Good afternoon friends.

Im feeling pretty chuffed with myself (chuffed not a word iv used since high school lol ), I wanted to do a work out today, although my mind didn’t, I made myself get up and boy did I enjoy myself, I could have continued but that would have been stupid I was in quite a bit of pain, what i like about the ring fit is that there a certain exercises I can do while sat on the stool catching my breath.

I think I have over exceeded myself today I actually got a sweat on so i must have been doing something correct haha.

Im looking forward now to putting up pictures of my transformation tuesday, infact I feel quite excited about it, am I seeing a light at the end of this tunnel? one I have been looking for, for the past 2 years.

So here are my stats for today, not sure if I will work out tomorrow or not let’s see how my Alien feels in the morning, I have named the war inside my body as Alien so you know what im talking about in the future lol.

Iv had a shower instead of a bath, im not sure I would be able to climb out of the bath haha.

So for now im going to do a bit of crochet, then make the tea, iv cooked the chicken breasts but just need to decide what to do with them, I’m thinking along the lines of a stir fry, but iv an hour or so to think about it yet.

Please enjoy the rest of your day and keep smiling, stay safe and warm, chat soon xoxoxo

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