Food Diary Entry. 13/01/21

Good evening everyone hope you are all as good as you can be?.

I would like to say I had a lazy morning lounging around in bed, but it was gone 4am before I fell asleep so I think awaking at 9ish and having a coffee in bed while watching the tv for a little while was allowed.

I then spent a couple of hours setting up a small tv in the living room to connect the switch to so that others can watch tv while I workout, it took so long as I was looking for the kettle lead for the old tv which I’m guessing I threw out when have a sort out a while back, which is something idiotic I would do… Lucky one of the leads from one of my sewing machines fit it, I was exhausted before I even started my workout haha.

Nonetheless im rather pleased with the workout I did, although im not sure what my body is going to say tomorrow, but right now im rather tired, so praying for an early night that I sleep through and wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow.

Food: I didn’t take a pic of my lunch as it was just trout sandwiches with two rice cakes and im sure you all know what a sandwich looks like lol.

For Dinner/Tea I had a huge amount of mushrooms (again) and a chicken breast cooked in my yummy sticky sauce, with a side salad in a fat free honey and mustard dressing.

256 calories

Snacks/Last Supper I have had a large bowl of 0% fat greek yogurt with honey and a clementine, a packet of apple organix rice cakes and a cappuccino.

Goodness im getting really tired now, this is a good sign, I have my nightdress on the bathroom radiator warming for me, although its still early im looking forward to slipping into my fleecy teddy bedding and snuggling down.

I’m going to finish watching magnum pi ( the newer one ) and head up for a early night, and await and see if I can walk tomorrow haha, my thighs took a bit of a bashing today, watch this space lol.

So I shall bid you all a good night, please stay safe and well and remember to keep smiling even when things are down look in the mirror and smile saying to the person looking back at you, I love you, you’ve got this. xoxoxo

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