Workout stats 13/01/21

Today’s workout for me was very good a good dollop of sweat was thrown at me, I know when some of you look at them, you with think is that all!?, for me it was amazing I even knocked up a difficulty level and boy did I feel it.

The problem I have with the timing is that, I played the usual adventure part which is the time shown in the picture, then ended the day.

While playing around with the game, whilst trying to catch my breath i found so many other things that you can do like mini games, jogging, workout plans etc, I decided to try some out, but they didn’t register the extra work I had done, so im not sure where I went wrong there, as when I went into the stats board it only showed the timings for the adventure part.

So if someone knows how to get the full calculations for the total play time can you please let me know thank you, I’m using the Ringfit Adventures on the Nintendo Switch.

Take Care everyone chat soon xoxoxoxo

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