Oops I did it again!! Monday mishaps…

Good morning world.

After posting my blog last night I promptly took my medication, I looked at them in the pot and swallowed them, immediately saying oh no I think they were my morning meds, Id clocked the yellow tablet and knowing I didn’t take a yellow one at night I still took them why????, I then proceeded to take my night time meds hoping they would take over the wrong tablets.

I was still wide awake at 2.30am thinking ok another night and day of being hyper but I obviously fell asleep as I don’t remember anything until I awoke at 9.20am this morning, but apparently I did get up a lot to go to the loo, but iv no recollection of it…

Also yesterday I reset my fasting tracker incorrect, only noticed when the alarm went off to say it had ended a few mins ago, goodness what happened to me yesterday?! lol, so I have now reset it to the correct time, the only difference is that I will start and end my week on a tuesday now, arrhhh.

How is today going to go I wonder ummmm, only time will tell lol.

I’m going to pop off now and get something out of the freezer for tea tonight, oh that’s another thing I forgot to do last night haha.

As the song goes… Things can only get better.

Please enjoy your day, stay safe, stay well and keep smiling, I’ll be back later ta ta for now xoxoxo

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