Where is that mouse??

Hello my thursday peeps.

Goodness the week has flown in, well I have been mostly asleep for this week, totally floored by this lurgy, I always say that the last one was bad but this one was worse, I’m thinking that this one is definitely the worst ever, but hey i guess i’ll say the same next christmas ha ha.

Now this darn Mouse.. its tuesday evening i have no idea of the time, but it was dark outside, I had been in bed for the best part of the day, my little cat sophie always knows when im unwell she often brings her toys upstairs and pops them on the bed next to me for when i wake up, how sweet of her..

I’m beginning to think that sophie may have been a bit worried about me, as she doesn’t usually wake me up when im ill, but this time she was doing her ‘talking noise’, she often talks to her toys.

I wake up sweating like a bull walking through a china shop trying not to break anything, my head is spinning and i feel very weak, goodness this lurgy is a *****, sophie hops off the bed and is ‘talking’ underneath my bed i can not see any toys but there is a squeaking noise, oh for god’s sake has she brought me a mouse? I can’t ask for help as neil and olivia are also in bed suffering.

I seriously can not be dealing with this right now, staggering across my room. goodness i feel as drunk as a skunk ( where did that saying come from? do skunks really get drunk? and how do they get drunk?) I perch myself on my ‘potty’ the bed is in view and sophie is still talking looking under the bed, goodness sake im going to have to find this darn mouse or i will not settle down again, carefully i lower myself to the floor beside the bed and as i bend, the squeaking gets louder and my head feels like it’s going to fall off, jeez the pressure when i bend.

No sign of any mouse and sophie is just sat there, but i can still hear the squeaking , i give up, i pull myself up and feeling very sorry for myself climb back into bed, sneezing and sweating i just want to sleep but sophie is ‘talking’ again and promptly jumps up on the bed, it’s not toys she has but a bit of toilet paper! does she know whats shes doing? looking around the bed there are bits of tissues, have i used them? or is sophie playing a game with the tissue lol, blowing my nose for the umpteenth time, my nose looks as red as rudolph’s! at the moment, the squeaking has stopped, yay, maybe it wasn’t a mouse afterall.

Snuggling back into the pillows that darn squeak starts up again, and no it’s not a mouse!!! iv spent so much time looking for that darn mouse, it’s only my darn sinuses squeaking, I could cry feeling so ill, im certainly pleased it’s not a mouse but really, how come i didnt realise it? can i blame it on the lurgy and the fact that my brain is frying with the high temperature or the fact that my brain is still frying while i feel like an iceberg trying to cross the sahara desert.

I hope you have had a little giggle at my expense this morning, I feel as though i want to write so much more, but fatigue is taking over again so im off for some more sleep, although i must say i feel better than i felt yesterday, so that’s a plus, as i so need to get back in my kitchen again,

Have a good day whatever your doing xoxo

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  1. meenawalia says:

    Get well soon dear..praying for ur Neil,and Olivia’s speedy recovery.

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    1. Thank you very much, I’m starting to feel slightly more human today lol as are the others, it did put my grandson in hospital last week on his 3rd birthday, his sister seems to be coping much better with it, and he began eating on Wednesday night so that is a blessing, it is a very nasty flu this time and I feel for anyone who gets it.

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  2. jmarie1974 says:

    oh bless you!!! squeaky sinuses :D!!!
    that aside though, hoping you feel better soon x

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    1. Think we are starting to come around now, so sorry to hear of your friends death, sending big hugs for you and his dear wife and family xx


      1. jmarie1974 says:

        Thank you hun. X

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