Diary Update 10/01/20

Good evening peeps how are you all today?

I think the lurgy is starting to lift, my temp is down more than its up so i guess that’s a good thing eh, but ugh the coughing my chest is rattling as well as my ribs and side and tum killing every time i cough, and my sinus well there still squeaking ha ha, and i’ve not been hunting for any more mice yet lol, but a stuffy head and central heating are not a good combination….

My appetite is coming back although im not up for eating big meals yet, I have been eating healthily, mainly low fat ice-cream to cool me, a few rice cakes, prawns, my daughters homemade veggie soup which is delicious even if a little spicy for me, so i’ve been adding cream to cool the heat, I swear this child doesn’t feel any heat from any spices lol, as for fluid intake its been gallons of water which ok is good for you but not when you have that sneezing, coughing waterfall to contend with ha ha.

I have treated myself to some new exercise equipment, seeing as I can not walk outside in the winter due to cold giving me extreme pain, im hoping this will help my mobility, stay tuned to see if it helps, now there was a choice of delivery times 7am-10am or 10 am-1pm and guess which one i picked yup the 7am-10am time, Iv done this twice before and both times the delivery arrived at 7.30am will i ever learn? nope, im too eager to get my hands on new stuff ha ha, you know this is going to be the morning that i actually get to sleep in and will be woke up by my alarm ha ha.

So not to much to say at the moment things have been a bit topsy turvy with us getting the lurgy and looking after poorly grandchildren the week before, taking down the xmas tree and all the decorations, iv usually got them all down and packed away in a few hours took us 3 days this year lol, although all the ornaments and photographs etc are not back out yet there still in the box ( we have to remove them due to babies toddling around lol), doesn’t the room look so big and empty when you take your decs down.

Oh I do have some news, Northern rail have a 10p sale on selected train tickets now when i’ve looked before they have always been gone, or not available on the dates i wanted to travel, but last night I managed to get 3 returns to the metro center in newcastle for 60p.. Yep 60 pence it would normally of cost me £63.00 wow just wow… So a very happy Olivia she has been wanting to go back to chiquitos for years so we are going to go a couple days after her birthday and go on a primarny shop lol, but of course Neil has found a greek eatery so im thinking Gyros for the train ride home, oh yes.

Well that’s it for the night so i will bid you goodnight and chat again soon.

Wherever you are whatever your doing smile your worth it xoxo

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  1. meenawalia says:

    Get well soon dear.

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