Hello You…

Hello You, yes You, come on in.

Oh hi welcome lovely to see you here, how has your day been? has the storm arrived with you yet? here in the Uk Storm Brendan has arrived in all his glory, flying around throwing things all over the place, spraying us with water which sounds more stones being thrown from the sky, thinking that he owns the place, Oh wait, at this moment in time he does own the place, he can do whatever he likes and there’s nothing we can do to stop him, don’t you agree?.

So I have just been around the house and battened down the hatches, umm it seems to have gone rather quiet is this what they call the calm before the storm? ummm.

I’m so glad I ventured out this morning, though it was a tad difficult trying to move in the wind, but needs must, I dont think Ive been out of the house for over a week, but you know what? I can’t remember oops.

Have you done anything good today? or is your day just beginning?

I decided to go upstairs and sit on the bed to watch the sea, wow some impressive white tops with the wind behind them, while sorting through the christmas presents that i’ve bought for next christmas, yep you heard that right, next christmas but there have been some awesome bargains in the sales, I just couldn’t resist, and financially it makes sense and means I can buy them more gifts, so win win.

I am going to pop off now and make the tea and will be back later with my food diary, its an easy one tonight just a fakeaway.

I hope you enjoy your day or what is left of it and i’ll stop by later, was lovely to meet you, till later bye bye.

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