Uh Oh Here come the poorliness.

Afternoon all.

Sorry I didn’t blog night I was a tad tired, and didn’t have much energy to do much.

Although the day started well, I seemed to hit a slump about 1ish.

I had done a bit on the bike, prepped tea which was seafood and noodles, we had scollops, crab and prawns cooked in a creamy sauce alongside mushrooms and onions, I use red onions and these one are dying all my food and not a pretty colour, I then mixed some ready to wok noodles into it, no pics I’m afraid it was tiring enough eating it.

In the morning after my bike I was coerced into learning tik tok dances, which are certainly the norm these days haha, and I’m proud to say I now know 2 tik tok dances does this make me part on the in crowd lol. πŸ˜‚, The funny part was when I attempted to jump I haven’t done that in years and i was braless), my boobs flew in the air and came crashing down onto my chest with my vest top rolled underneath them….. What did I learn?…. Not to jump when you have big boobs and no bra on🀣🀣

I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t be on this bike I’m finding it very difficult and exhausting today, maybe I should get off and have another rest day, I don’t think my body is happy.

2 Hours Later:

After 10 mins on the bike I became very dizzy and weak, so headed up to bed, after an hour I was woken up by workmen outside and a helicopter, which was very low, so very loud, we get a lot of helicopters here due to being so far away from the hospitals, I don’t feel like my normal sickness It’s different, I’m just hoping im not getting a cold and its just a little bug, I really don’t want to spend the best part of 6 weeks in bed again.

I‘m going to keep up my fitness the best I can, surely a little is better than none?

Dinner is all prepped so I am going to go and cook it, I may see you back on here later, have a great rest of the day xoxoxo

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  1. A little is definitely better than none, as long as you are not hurting yourself!

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    1. Sorry for the late reply, yesterday is a bit of a blur, thanks for the pants info, iv ordered myself a pair from amazon, hopefully no more sore botty lol,

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      1. Fingers crossed 🀞 😁

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