Exhausted Dot Com. Diary 06/11/19

Evening all, hope you’ve had a good day or have a good day if your about to begin your day. (That’s a bit of a tongue twister).

Phew I am totally exhausted, it is just so tiring being this perfect ha ha 🀣

On a serious note tho i am exhausted, and in immense pain, the few hours that i spent in the kitchen yesterday were enough to send me to my bed and into a deep slumber for a few hours, it certainly puts into perspective just how much i did with 3 jobs and young children to care for, I look back now and wonder how the bleep did i do it?, well for one i wasn’t ill so i suppose that helped, or maybe I was Supergirl or Wonder Woman in disguise and didn’t know it…. Yep that has to be the answer… give me back my super powers NOW!!!! pretty please… πŸ˜’

As for food these past couple of days I haven’t actually sat down to a meal as its been a bit of a taste test, with a bite here and a bite there, oops i thinks halloweens passed, oh well lol.

I really prefer the soup I made the 2nd time round but for me, I’m thinking i may add a bit more mixed spice and maybe put a cinnamon stick in for a short while, in fact i really enjoyed it, if I have the energy tomorrow I’m going to make up a huge batch, it was that yummy.

If it’s not raining i think neil is going to give me a little push around town tomorrow down to the supermarket, I need some air, the central heating is lovely for keeping my bones warm, but it really dries out my already dry skin, even with the dehumidifier and lots of moisturiser, unfortunately when its cold i don’t get out enough to get enough Vitamin D, sometimes just being outside in the garden can be very painful.

I think I have a list of jobs to do but I can’t remember if I have or not, I often say I must write down what needs doing, but then I’ve forgotten that I told myself to do it… πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈuntil like now….πŸ€”

My body is still being an ass, I look as though Im about to give birth, Im spending far to much time on the loo ( I know TMI sorry), but geez it bloody hurts, I think my heart is running a marathon and hasnt run out of energy yet to slow down but i wish it would, the pressure is crazy in my head and ears, Im thinking its about time my body took on a new host even for a few hours to just give me a break, Iv not been on the scales as its a bit pointless with how swollen and water logged by body is, so it will be a nice surprise when i come back to some sort of normality.

My next round of nibbly bits is going to be low cal, simple easy to make desserts, using most store cupboard items, that was my plan for today, but instead i just veggied out on the sofa doing a bit of crochet and watching day time telly which i must say is pretty boring at the moment. But I have downloaded some christmas movies to watch 🀢 πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ and Iv already watched the favourite The Muppets Christmas Carol lol.

On that note I’m going to bid you a good night, wherever you are, whatever your doing smile and stay safe XOXO

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