Still sick and a weird film.

Good evening everyone.

Sorry I haven’t been with you much this week, I’m not really sure where I have been myself this week, my face has been buried in tissues because my nose decided it would try to run away that was when it wasn’t stuck in congestion!!, as for my head Im not sure if it has been in cloud nine or in spaghetti junction, and my body well It cant decide if it wants to sunbathe on a hot tropical island or ski with penguins in the antarctic.

I will not be able to give you a correct daily food diary or calorific value as for the last few days I have been living on ice-cream (to cool my temperature and my throat) and stir frys with lots of garlic in, I believe garlic is a natural remedy for colds and flu as of yet its not having an effect on me, but that’s probably because of my illness but at least I tried, there’s nothing worse than having flu with a low immune system, so by my reckoning iv only got another 4 weeks of feeling like crap lol.

Anyway enough feeling sorry for myself how has your week been? much better than mine I hope?, so my plans for the following week well im guessing I can’t really make any plans and just take it day by day lol, how about you? do you have any plans?

So while im feeling a tad human, ha ha, I thought I would get on here to say hi, so Hi all.

Me and Olivia are currently watching a film called US, umm its a bit weird lol, im thinking its about how nasty our shadow is, but its one of those thats, that weird or stupid you just have to keep watching if you get my drift. So I guess the saying don’t be afraid of your shadow is just a lie, be very afraid of your shadow…….lol….

Iv also been sorting through my new holiday clothes I’ve bought and looking at them jeez iv some serious exercising to do, but I’m sure I will get into them with a bit of self restraint from the kitchen cupboards a bit more exercise and some darn good shapewear ha ha, iv been looking at bikinis iv always worn one even being a big girl I have the mindset that if you don’t like what you see dont darn well look at me then ha ha, as I was saying bikinis while I want some brand new spanking ones to show off my new body im going to get 😸 all the ones I like have cheeky bums, now I could probably work on covering up some of the saggy tummy but am I to old to wear cheeky bottoms haha, well I think I may get one pair and wear them around the house to see how I feel after all its only going to be my shadow (film ref) that sees it haha.

Talking of clothes sales ladies you should have a look on boohoo and pretty little thing they have some amazing sales on, and boohoo also do mens and they have a great sale on mens t-shirts and shorts the perfect time to stock up now ahead of the summer.

Going through my wardrobe I was surprised at the size of my other clothes and how great it felt to remove them from my wardrobe, they were all size 20-28s when I look back I am so far at how far I have come even if it has taken me nearly a year i am proud of what I have achieved so far, and im looking forward to more success this year, I know how to cope with my set backs, and I know not to give up hope when my illness wins a round.

So my lovely friends I am getting quite sleepy now and I shall bid you goodbye until next time.

Wherever you are whatever your doing smile and love yourself xoxoxo

Update: The film has nothing to do with your shadow, i don’t think, I’m totally lost haha.

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