A good day.

Good evening everyone, how are we all tonight? I hope you have all had a good as day as you can.

Today hasnt been a bad day at all, I did a workout on the bike, knocked the tension up a bit and boy did I get a sweat on, im going to say it was my workout, and not the fact that is was a bit heavy outside lol.

Lunch was a bit unhealthy, Olivia made some of her chocolate chip cookies and they were far too good to not test them out lol.

Tea was boiled langoustine in white wine again!!, I had 2 bread to mop up the sauce but I used low fat soft cheese instead of butter on my bread this time.

I tried on the dress it does up a tiny bit more but its only been a week, and probably would of done up a bit more if I didn’t put my hands on my waist pushing my love handles down lol.

I managed to speak to a dentist today, and have been given 2 lots of antibiotics, hopefully they kick in soon, if I wasn’t a wimp I would have got a pair of pliers to my tooth and yanked it out, toothache is literally the worst pain.

Olivia took Skye out for a walk today down to the shore, she got some cracking photographs of her, apparently Skye loves the sea, hopefully it will be my turn soon to have a little paddle.

It’s been another day of not doing anything, I went back to bed for an hour and then got up and made tea, oh yeah now this is funny, My brother in law also went for a nap shortly after me, and came down at 6.50pm as I was cooking the tea, he was looking me with a confused look on his face as I was cooking then popped out into the garden with Neil, and asking Neil why we were up so early, he was thought it was 6.50am, now his confusion was cleared as to why I was cooking prawns so early haha.

So wonderful peeps I don’t really have any news today as it has been rather quiet, so I will bid you all goodnight, please sleep well, if it’s not your bedtime yet enjoy the rest of your day with lots of happiness and smiles.


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