05/11/19 Diary Update

Good morning peeps.

It’s another yuky damp morning, so I’m thinking it must be a kitchen day, I will definitely be making pans of soup, but not sure on what else yet, but i will keep you informed of any amazing low cal foods that i can make.

These past few months have been really difficult on my weightloss journey, with my health not being as good as it was when I originally started, I find it really hard to keep motivated, adding to it the cold weather we are now having is playing havoc with my bones, I try my best to walk but it’s as though my bones turn to concrete, which is causing more heightened pain and a feeling that i have to drag my oh so heavy legs. It’s such a shame as winter is one of my favorite months, kicking the crispy leaves on the path, rolling snowballs along the ground to make snowmen, yes I sometimes feel sorry for myself, but then i also think there are more people are so much worse off than me, people who will never be able to experience the joys that i once did.

My heart is not behaving itself at the moment, im really struggling to lower by heart rate and temperature, but this dam ringing in my ears is not helping its giving me such a headache when it starts, but i see my cardio nurse next week so we’ll just see what she has to say this time.

Well im going to make another coffee (I drink decaf so unlimited refills are a go go lol) check my emails and make a start in the kitchen before the fatigue sets in.

Have a lovely day xoxo


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