New Nails and a Great Day.

Good evening you lovely wonderful people how have you all been?

Today has a been a rather good day, I popped back to bed for a bit this morning after my early delivery and awoke feeling rather refreshed now that hasn’t happened for a while so iv made the most of it, by sitting down for a couple of hours while my daughter did my nails, gosh I feel so much better for having them done, I’m considering dying my roots tomorrow, but I had planned on seeing how much grey I could grow during lockdown but its starting to grate on me a bit now, my roots are a good couple of inches, but the hair that is now growing is coming out black!! so I think it may just be interesting to see what its like at the end, umm I’ll think about it tomorrow lol.

I didn’t go for a walk but I did do a 20 min step workout on the Wii, just wish this dam pain would subside so I can go a bit longer, the rug and cushion covers were washed and with this wind they were all dry in less than 30 mins, all the new seeds are planted, I think we will have a good crop of veggies this year.

Again another day where breakfast and lunch rolled into one, I just had some yogurt and fruit on the go so to speak, hopefully tomorrow I get a bit of a lie in, or at least and undisturbed night.

Tea/Dinner was another amazing masterpiece, well it was ok, but I will definitely work on the flavour of the veg, it seemed as though something was missing from it but im not sure what.

So I made smoked haddock on a bed of roasted chickpeas, tomatoes, carrots, courgette, onion and mushroom, I seasoned the veggies with salt, pepper, garlic, mixed herbs and smoked paprika, and prepped the fish with a good squeeze of lemon and some oregano, popped it in the oven all in one dish while I made a warm salad of pan fried fresh pineapple and oranges when cooked I mixed the fruit with some chopped lettuce and cucumber and mixed together with a lemon and black pepper fat free dressing.

This evening iv just had some greek fat free yogurt with a drizzle of honey and a few strawberries, I think Mr Sleep is creeping up on me so I will bid you all a goodnight, please stay safe, stay in if you can, remember there is someone, somewhere who is thinking of you xoxoxo

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