Tough workout, Nintendo Ringfit.

Hi peeps.

I’ve managed to finally combine the times on the different parts of the ringfit, yay.

What you need to do is add exercises to the custom menu, but I think I added to many my poor arms lol, think I may take a couple off tomorrow.

I managed to do 30 mins in total but I did need quite a few rest breaks as I’m in quite a bit of pain today, not from exercise but that certainly contributed to it.

While I’m able to work through the pain (it doesn’t go), I will do, I’d say through gritted teeth but I lost my top teeth due to my illness, so I guess that should be through gritted gummies lol.

I’m proud of what I have achieved today, well this week really, crazy pain but I’m dealing with it so far, and I’ll keep going for now.

Take care everyone chat soon XOXOXO

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