Fibromyalgia-1 Gina-0…..Crochet….Mental Health…

Good Morning wonderful peeps.

I hope you are all as well as well can be?

It’s been a tough few weeks, hence why I have not been on here, I often say that my last flare was the worse that I have ever had, well this one has beat them all hands down, to say I have struggled is an understatement it totally took hold of me and put me in a giant bear hug and refused to let go.

It took everything from me, my pain levels were horrendous to the point of me begging my doctor to give me more pain relief but I couldn’t have anything and just have to ride it out!. and a referral back to the pain clinic to help me deal with the pain physiologically.

My mood has suffered greatly, depression was at an all time high or would that be low?.

Food control, well that just went out of the window, I ate everything in site when I was not asleep, I hit the takeaway button on my phone to many times it was so much easier, and I really didn’t care, although I could feel the effects on my body of the damage I was doing to it by eating junk, I had no respect for what I was doing to myself, Fibromyalgia takes everything from you, you life your dignity your self respect.

It’s not that I didn’t have the energy to cook, which most of the time I didn’t, it was the I can’t be bothered to cook I feel like crap, so it was just easier to order take out.

Im beginning to come out of this flare and let me tell you it has not been easy, I know I still have one hell of a fight in front of me, although my mood is lifting, and I can’t say everyday it’s getting easier, as 1 day I feel okish and the next im back in hell, the confusion is still there, im still forgetting things, its taking me a while to write this as I have to keep going back to see what i’ve wrote, I just hope if you’re reading this you can understand what I am trying to say.

My body may have won this round but I’m a fighter and once some form of normality comes back into my brain I can begin to cope with it a bit longer.

On a more positive note i’ve managed to do a bit of crochet over the last couple of weeks, I’ve made a unicorn comfort blanket for my great niece and a doll for my one of my granddaughters, il put a pic up but she’s not quite finished yet, and is supposed to represent an e-girl, iv already made a start on my 2nd doll and so far im quite enjoying making them, I’m hoping that the pain will start to ease soon as it is quite painful to crochet and can only do a bit at a time, another thing that is taken from me, my love of craft but hey ho i’ll be back to normal at some point, just having to try and stay positive.

I have come up with a couple of new recipes but will post them when I have made them much lower in calories….

So folks I’m going to say goodbye for now, although it’s only 8.11 am im am totally exhausted already, how many hours are left in the day ha ha..

Please enjoy the rest of your day and stay as safe as you can, and remember to smile, someone, somewhere is thinking of you xoxoxo

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