The end of another week.. 24/01/21

Hello you, is that you looking at me? why don’t you click on and let me know what you think of my blog post?

Good evening everyone, I hope this finds you as well as well can be.

Phew what a week it’s been, and goodness Sunday night again, we are now upon our last week of January 2021, boy that has flown in, but I’m quite pleased with what I have achieved so far this year!, yes I know only 3 weeks in haha.

I did a small workout this morning, well I say small, it was all lower body, I did give up eventually not only was I shattered it bloody hurt my back so much, although the back support I have now got is helping a lot.

What i didn’t realise though, was that one level was purely squats to get through it, i definitely needed a break during it ha ha, and tonight well oh wow my thighs are in the worst pain they have been in all week so yep I’m getting the hang of doing squats haha.

Oh yes, I put on a pair of pj’s after my shower and you can see a difference in my figure straight away, it felt great that they are now much much baggier than when I last wore them.

With it being Sunday I do not weigh out and count my calories ( no I do not go over the top), it’s what I call my day off, I haven’t craved anything sweet today and I’ve had my main meal of a roast dinner, but what i did notice is that I am dishing out much smaller portion sizes for myself without thinking about it, for supper I may just have some fruit and yogurt or a sandwich I haven’t decided yet, I allow myself butter in my mashed potato on a Sunday, but in my sandwiches I now use low fat soft cheese instead of butter and it tastes just as good.

Have you guys had any snow yet?, I’m still waiting for it, my weather app keeps teasing me saying we are going to have it, then non materialises but it is known for the snow to evaporate by the salt water of the sea before it reaches the ground.

Out of my bedroom window there was plenty of snow upon the hills of scotland I could see which looked so pretty, it’s been a rather nice but cold day here, with plenty of blue skies and just a few wispy clouds in the sky, but darkness and a sudden drop of temperature came very abruptly this evening.

You know, I really feel a bit peeved that I have nothing more to talk about, those of you who have followed me for a while, know I can just make up a story from my day, but with us all being in lockdown there isn’t really much to say, I hope that you will stick with me through all of this until we once again have the chance to tell you about our days in a story.

Please enjoy the rest of your day, stay safe and well and above all keep smiling, you’ve got this, goodnight everyone wherever you are whatever your doing xoxoxo

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